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I'm a contemporary romance author that can't help adding a little snark to my stories. I'm obsessed with music, television, and reading...the order changes day by day. The only thing in my life that remains constant is the need to build a story.
October 2011
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Monthly Archives: October 2011

REVIEW: Real Men Will, Victoria Dahl

Real Men Will (Donovan Brothers Brewery, #3)Real Men Will by Victoria Dahl

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Dammit, Mz. Dahl did it to me again. Eric was the most serious of all the siblings and that was very much a part of this story. Serious, overbearing at times, overwhelming, and spiraling out of control. He was my favorite of the brothers because he was the most damaged I think.

Everyone thought he was perfect, but the facade was cracking after too many years of trying to be perfect for everyone.

Beth had a lot of parallels in her story. But instead of perfection, she was trying to show that she could be a badgirl, when that wasn’t ever what she wanted to be.

I’ve loved all the books in this series for different reasons, but I think Eric and Jamie were the ones I identified with the most. They were the flipsides of a coin and the mistakes they made, the way they loved their family, and the way they eventually fell in love were powerful because they had to face so much.

Beth AND Eric had to figure out who they were through the course of this book. It was especially timely for me as I feel like I’m in a similar situation.

Bravo, Mz. Dahl, for creating a lovely world for me to get lost in for three months. That was a very satisfying end to the series.

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November = NaNo

Well…my blog will be all about my NaNo progress this month. If you’ve never heard of NaNoWriMo, then you can head over here to take a look.

Essentially, a bunch of crazies–myself included–will be ass in chair hands on the keys for 30 days to finish a novel that must be at least 50k words. Sounds daunting doesn’t it? I’ve done it exactly once. LOL But that one book actually got published, so I’m hoping that the magic will return and get me another contract.

I’m excited about my novel. It’s going to be the first in a series with my bestie and CP, Cari Quinn. So we’ll probably be pissing and moaning in equal fervor. She’s working on a few different projects to make up her 50k. I’m going to stay with one.

The Kiss Contract is set in Salem, MA and stars Kiss Kakes, a bakery that sits on the main street of the charming and gorgeous town. I’ve visited Salem. it’s like a town inside a town. There’s this almost ageless part that feels like an old novel in between the bustling city structure that is typical New England. I hope to show some of those¬†dichotomies in the story as I go.

Meet Dillon

And Molly

Here’s to 5000 words my first day. I gotta get ahead to enjoy my long weekend with my crazy Jovi/Foosball girls.

Six Sentence Sunday: Kitchen Lurve pt3

A continuation of the kitchen antics from my peeps, Nate and Miranda. Coming soon from Ellora’s Cave’s Moderne line.

She pushed an errant curl away from her face and flattened her chest against his until he groaned. “Ignore my stomach,” she said against his mouth, nipping at his lower lip.

He thought about it for a second. He could reheat the food no problem, but when her stomach rumbled again, he sighed and let her slide down his body. “C’mon, let me feed you then we can take care of another hunger.”

Thanks for stopping by and I appreciate your comments.  

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YT: Self Exams

Um…if this the way to do a self-exam, I’m on board with it.
Good goddamn.

Tweety Tuesday: Elizabeth S. Craig and Angela James

My twitter feed can feel a little bit out of control sometimes. I have a lot of awesome people that I follow, but to someone that can be closely related to ‘Dug’ from Disney’s Up…well, I can get distracted easily from my work by the constantly rotating feed from Twitter.

So, to combat that I’ll be dragging you into my Tweety World. LOL

One of my favorite people to follow is Elizabeth S. Craig… aka ¬†http://twitter.com/#!/elizabethscraig

She’s an author as well, but the best part of her tweets are all her delicious writing links. Not all of them will apply to you, but she’s got a lot of great ideas and interesting posts in her armory.

Another great person to follow if you’re looking into epublishing, especially on the romance end, is Angela James. ¬†http://twitter.com/#!/angelajames

She posts mostly Carina Press information, but she also has this AWESOME feature she’s been doing monthly called #editreport. She gives feedback about some of the manuscripts that have come in and why they are accepted or rejected. It’s a fascinating look into the editorial world for romance authors. ¬†Oh, and she loves shoes and cooking/baking. LOL She’s a well rounded person to follow with lots of great info.

In my opinion it’s just as fun to follow someone who mixes business with pleasure in their tweet stream.

Who do you love to follow on the writing end?

Six Sentence Sunday: Kitchen Lurve pt2

More kitchen antics from my peeps, Nate and Miranda. Coming soon from Ellora’s Cave’s, Moderne line.

Pulling her off the counter, he groaned when she caught his mouth in a thorough kiss. Tongues slick with need, tangled and fought against the lust that was never far away. His nails dug into the small of her back. Ready to take her there against the countertop, he stilled at the roar from her stomach.

He couldn’t stop the laugh against her mouth. “Should I be offended that you’re hungrier for the food than me?”

Thanks for stopping by and I appreciate your comments.  

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Freak Me Friday: Introducing Val

So…I’ve been looking around for a guy that would fit the bill for book 2 of my Hamptons Legacy series.

Percival Maitland has been strapped with a horrifying name that matches all the rich and¬†privileged pieces that make up Southampton and Manhattan, NY.¬†¬†Add in the responsibilities he takes upon himself as the eldest son in the family business and you have a man that is all work and no play. He takes his role very seriously–too seriously. So much so that he’s losing himself inside the corporate giant that is Maitland Enterprises.

David Gandy seems to have all the ‘looks’ that I’m striving to use in the book. A touch too serious sometimes, achingly beautiful, aloof, elegant in that way that only certain men can attain without looking girlish–this model/actor’s got it all. Not to mention the reality of Gandy is that the man has a killer accent to trip the ovaries into a free fall.

Not right, I tell ya.


He’s been the spokesperson for Dolce & Gabanna for years…and I totally see why. This man has a dozen tumblr’s devoted just to him. I trolled through them for your pleasure. Okay, so it was mine too. ūüėČ

Enjoy the little gallery I put together…just click the picture and when the new page comes up hover your mouse over the pic and a gallery option will open.

Click me--C'mon...you know you wanna.

Craft Bites: NaNoWriMo is Coming…

So…it’s that time again. I love and hate NaNo. I love it because it got me my first pub’d book. I hate it because there’s a lot to live up to at this point. I haven’t successfully made it through a NaNo SINCE Nate and Miranda’s book…and that was back in 2008…I think.

Crap…yeah, that long ago.

Oh I’ve written other books, but I’m reeeally bad at FINISHING a MS. If I want a career…duh…then I have to learn how to finish a damn book and move onto the next one. I’m taking Candy Haven’s FastDraft course and it’s helping, but I still get in my own way. Thankfully I have such awesome people that help me keep on track–especially now. Between my awesome CP and my SWAG group, there’s more support in my life now than ever.

And there’s another project in the think tank with my CP, Cari Quinn. We’re going to give this a go, so we’ve got to work hard to fit this project in with all the other things we have going. Cari is especially busy with more than one flaming iron in the fire. The girl makes me look positively sluggish when it comes to career planning. Holy CRAP. LOL

So, book one is going to get vomited out during NaNo and we’ll see if we have a viable option for a series. Kiss Kakes–set in Salem, MA is going to be a joint venture between the two of us, 2 books each. And lucky me, I get book 1.


Here’s to getting Dillon’s story told.

*crosses buttercream frosted fingers*


YT: Let Me Go, Christian Kane

Yep, I’m a total Kaniac.
God, he’s pretty.

Princess Bride: You Killed My Father…

So…Princess Bride’s Anniversary just passed and ET Magazine managed to get most of the cast back together for a fun photo spread. That got me looking at the movie again.

In fact, my ex-bf and I loved this movie so much that he would randomly call me and do this schpiel on my answering machine or VM all the time.

It is one of my favorite scenes.

Stupid YT won’t let me embed it tho. Grrr. Click here:¬†Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father…prepare to die.

And enjoy.

Tweety Tuesday – Mattisms

So, the more you come on my blog (I hope) the more you’ll see that there’s a definite obsession that happens when I fall in love with a musician. I swear, I must have been a groupie in a former life because they are ENDLESSLY fascinating to me.

One such guy is Matt Nathanson.

Now, his music is just…GAH. Seriously, I can’t get enough of him. His lyrics just send me into orbit, then I started hunting out bootlegs and the love grew deeper. I finally got to see him live and I’m totally smitten. He’s witty, talented, plays a damn 12string like it’s part of him…well at least his hip to jam ratio says it’s part of him. MERCY! He’s sexy as all get out because of one thing–he’s freaking hilarious.

Funny will always be sexy to me.

Follow his tweets and you will be chuckling almost daily.

 matt nathanson

what kinda douche drinks from a water bottle w/his own name on it? #umthatwouldbeMEsay.ly/CzPPJn

this whole dark-at-7am thing can suck it.
if i tweet that i’m going to the gym, but do not actually go to the gym, that’s the same thing, right?¬†#itisallaboutperception
“a perfect breakfast tea with burgundy depth and malt highlights. bold and robust with a bright golden cup”¬†#preciousteadescriptions

seriously though, what is burgundy depth? #sexmove?

what has two thumbs and tour pranked the SHIT out of @train last night?? bit.ly/p6Sz35

“sleep or excercise?” is a question i deal with way too much in my life.

ah, denver airport… where football field distance meets cubicle-size gate square footage.¬†#niceone

elbows mcghee next to me is gonna get punched.

i had a for real GIANT jammed next to me on that tiny plane. holy shit. i’d have tweeted sooner but it was like being buried alive in sand.

is it possible to die from horny? #askingforafriend

Seriously…that’s just a taste.
The boy totally amuses me on twitter.
Do you have anyone on twitter that you just follow for the joy of it?

SONG: Never the Same, by Uh Huh Her

So, I’ve been watching CW’s The Secret Circle and this song came up in the second episode, I think. I just loved it. Too bad it’s so hard to find for purchase. Grrr.
Thank God for YT.
The one thing I love about the CW shows is they have some damn good music.

Uh Huh Her – Never the Same

REVIEW: Bad Kitty, Cari Quinn

Bad Kitty
Bad Kitty by  Cari Quinn

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Gulped this one down in one sitting–as I do all of Mz Quinn’s books–and ended the book with a sigh and a big ole smile. I’m not so much the joining sort when it comes to Halloween, but I do love reading about masquerade parties. And the who-am-I-really-sleeping-with trope is always fun in these situations.

I don’t want to give too much away since it’s such a short and hot tale, but Patrick and Nikki will make you fan your face and reach for a cold glass of punch more than once.

Sexy costumes galore, sinfully brawny blue-collar worker, a kitty costume that makes use of something OTHER than claws, and a much loved jar of caramel equals 60pages of awesome.

I sincerely hope she gives Easton his own book next Halloween.

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Six Sentence Sunday: Kitchen Lust pt1

It’s that time again…My SSS comes from my soon to be published novel, Uncross Your Heart. A little kitchen lurve.

Her eyes dropped to his chest turning into that molten gold that made his cock harden. He stilled her fingers, nudging his nose into the shadowy neckline, finding her nipple. He sucked deeply as her fingers tangled into his hair. He pulled from the back, raising the shirt as it slipped off her shoulders. She hissed, winding her legs around his hips. His hands found her naked hips and the peach soft curve of her ass.

Thanks for stopping by and I appreciate your comments.  

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© Copyright 2011 Taryn Elliott. All rights reserved.