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I'm a contemporary romance author that can't help adding a little snark to my stories. I'm obsessed with music, television, and reading...the order changes day by day. The only thing in my life that remains constant is the need to build a story.
March 2012
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REVIEW: The Marriage Bargain, Jennifer Probst

The Marriage BargainThe Marriage Bargain by Jennifer Probst

I really enjoyed this book. The strong, unloved hero and the open, loving foil to all his best laid plans. Nick doesn’t want to love anyone. Doesn’t want to open himself up to the hurt he felt as a child when his cold and selfish parents were more worried about themselves than their children. But throughout the story we learn, as Nick does, that your past doesn’t have to control your future.

Alexa’s got a lot of pride to go with that open heart, but a past with Nick as a teen girl colors the way she deals with him. And again, we have a character that has to learn to let go of her past to embrace a man and love that will outweigh her fears.

It was a lovely ride, rich in texture and emotion. And man alive can Mz. Probst write a love scene! Whew! But it suits the couple and moves the story through a few bits that might have started to drag. Add in the most mangy and sad dog and the damn author got me tearing up through the ending with a sigh at my HEA.

I can’t wait for her friend–and Nick’s sister–Maggie’s story. It’s going to be a real trip.

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