Rock Revenge Trilogy

Made in Oblivion

Found in Oblivion

One day they were strangers. The next, they were a band. A seven-book rockstar series of all the lows, the highs and naughty in-betweens of making music, set in the Oblivion world.


Being on top of the world doesn’t mean you don’t occasionally find yourself on your knees. A six-part romantic comedy rockstar series with a pinch of danger and way more than a pinch of sexy times, set in the Oblivion world.

Lost in Oblivion

A 13 book series about the meteoric rise of the band Oblivion. From the depths of despair to worldwide success, from the pinnacle of passion to the edge of madness, one thing always remains...the music.

Tapped Out

The Boss

The first of our Boston centric serials.
The Boss will see you now… A six-part romantic suspense serial with alternating points-of-view, dirty words, dirtier scenes, and cliffhangers aplenty.

Winchester Falls

 Small town life has never been so dangerous. Winchester Falls, NY is full of wine, music, and the most amazing views in the northeast. It's the secrets that people need to worry about. 

Winchester Falls

Restoring Winchester Falls