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I'm at one with my phone. No, seriously...I'm not sure it actually comes out of my hand. Problem? Me? Nooooo. I love to hear from readers about just about anything. Feel free to fill out the snazzy form on this page or email me at Taryn (at) tarynelliott (dot) com.

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Love our rockstars? Then Rocker Reads is the perfect place to stay current with all our upcoming rockstar romances - and we have more than a few! As mentioned above, we also have a Rocker Reads newsletter, so if you like your books heavily music-flavored, this is the site and newsletter for you.

Word Wenches

Do you like Facebook groups? Cari Quinn and I do. This one is a special one. It's closed off to your usual feed because we're a little....well, we'll go with Not-For-the-Faint-of-Heart to stay slightly PC. Not kidding. We talk about it all on there, kids. From the down and dirty to the hot men that inspire me and Cari. Oh, and we even talk about books. We also do fun giveaways and post advance teasers of upcoming books. If that sounds like fun to you, please join the Word Wenches.

Also, be sure to visit my solo Facebook page, as well as my joint Facebook page with Cari Quinn.

Social Media Stuffs

You can find me on Instagram where I post an obscene amount of pictures of my adorable dog, Felicity. If you're feeling frisky you can find me on Tumblr. Ummm...remember I write sexy stuff, so it's pretty NSFW. Ahem.

Spotify is my life. If you're a music hound like me you can find all our playlists on there to listen to.

I have a little problem with Pinterest. Okay, more like addiction. If you'd like to see the inspiration boards for our books, you can find me on there as well.

I'm on Twitter a bit, but mostly to squee about Supernatural. I'm a Dean Girl and am not shy about it. And when I say squee, I'm not being adorable. I holler about it every Thursday night. LOL So, if that's your thing you can follow me there.

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