Lost Lyric

Found In Oblivion, Book 4

May 12

He’s her good boy gone bad…   

Rockstar Ryan Waters has always been the responsible one in his band. The guy who kept an eye on business while chasing his musical dreams with his best friends.   

Until he decided to have some fun. To make some money, to test his luck. Then it all spun out of control.   

Denver Casey has seen and heard everything. When she started driving Warning Sign’s tour bus, she expected just another job.   

Until Ryan became her partner in crime. The one guy she could count on when every other one she’d ever trusted had let her down.   

Then Ryan turns up missing…and she realizes he might need more than her friendship. Along with her laughter in the day, he craves her love in the dark.   

And it takes her just one wild night to get addicted.   

Falling for her best friend means putting everything on the line, win or lose. No matter the risk to her job—and her heart.