Restoring Winchester Falls, Standalone

Shane & Kendall's story.

She came to California for a will reading and inherited a stepbrother that she never knew existed. 

Kendall Proctor has spent her life taking care of people. It's all she knows. A summons to her estranged father's will reading brings her face to face with a man her father raised as his son, and who now owns fifty percent of her business thanks to a legal technicality. Anger, confusion, and one passion-fueled moment forever changes their relationship sending them on a roadtrip to an uncertain future. Shane and his grouchy but steady ways make her dare to believe that she could count on someone for the first time in her life. 

Shane Justice always does what's expected of him. Playing it safe has left him with nothing to show for it but an empty bank account and half ownership in a bed and breakfast over three thousand miles away from home. To make matters worse, his joint partner is exasperating, sexy, and drives him to the brink of insanity. He can't stop thinking about her, wanting her, or touching her. Kendall's not part of the plan, and he always has a plan. 

A cross country trip, forced proximity, and a passion that defies all sense and logic will either break them or save them. 

No Cliffhangers - this is a complete novel. 

** This is a RE-RELEASE
Originally released February 2013 under Loose Id LLC