CRAFT BITES: Inspiration

So...Television is one of my favorite mediums for inspiration. I think visually, so it suits me best. Even with all the hubaloo on line about images and the internet, I still need my pinterest board. This week--it's been all about the bro-love on Supernatural.



The boy makes my poor brain spin. Jensen does such an amazing job with the character, Dean Winchester. Childlike hurts in his eyes, gutter humor, loyalty to his family, sex appeal out the freaking wazzoo, and a sense of humor that rivals my own. The man is born for a romance book.

And yet, the show rarely hits on the romantic overtones. They keep the show simple.

Save the world.

Save your family.

And it works.

Doesn't mean I won't borrow him for a book tho. ;)

CampNaNo: Day 1 and 2's that time of year again. I'm working on a new project that's super smexy. Probably the sexiest I've ever done to be honest. And to get over the terror of writing this many lurve scenes I'm diving head first into the NaNo madness. Nano has gained quite the following. So much so that they decided to do a few of them over the summer for those of us that have a little extra time. Personally, these months work for me much better than November. But I will be doing both Nano's.

Tentative title: The Minute You Hold Me In

Pinterest Storyboard: HERE

It's probably a little long for a title. And as usual, my titles get changed 90% of the time. But it suits me. Behind the scenes it has a bit of a more...tongue in cheek name.

FAA is the acronym.

It's a cross country road trip. Let's see if you can guess the name?




[note align="center" width="350"] Plot board: CHECK

Notebook: CHECK

Sticky notes everywhere: CHECK

Playlist: STARTED (level 1 check)

5hr Energy: CHECK[/note]


Let the madness begin.

CRAFT BITES: Crit Partners

Crit partners are invaluable. I've been lucky enough to find a few new ones to help out. My main girl...poor Cari Quinn...has been inundated with edits and contracts. Yeah-that's the end game, but man...she's had a lot on her plate the last few months. And of course she's still in on the freak-show that is me and a Manuscript, but I have let a few more people into my circle.

It's always been my fear to let someone rip into my work. Thankfully, I've been mostly lucky. And thanks to a request for a full on a novella I sub'd to Entangled...(*insert roaring crowd*) YAYYYYY...ahem...the quick hits read really worked out in my favor.

And that's because of a few wonderful romance-landia natives. They picked out the problem children that I couldn't see and made me think about a few other things in my MS. I want it to be the very best it can be before the editor takes a look at it.

How does anyone else feel about critique partners?

Craft Bites: NaNoWriMo is Coming...'s that time again. I love and hate NaNo. I love it because it got me my first pub'd book. I hate it because there's a lot to live up to at this point. I haven't successfully made it through a NaNo SINCE Nate and Miranda's book...and that was back in 2008...I think.

Crap...yeah, that long ago.

Oh I've written other books, but I'm reeeally bad at FINISHING a MS. If I want a career...duh...then I have to learn how to finish a damn book and move onto the next one. I'm taking Candy Haven's FastDraft course and it's helping, but I still get in my own way. Thankfully I have such awesome people that help me keep on track--especially now. Between my awesome CP and my SWAG group, there's more support in my life now than ever.

And there's another project in the think tank with my CP, Cari Quinn. We're going to give this a go, so we've got to work hard to fit this project in with all the other things we have going. Cari is especially busy with more than one flaming iron in the fire. The girl makes me look positively sluggish when it comes to career planning. Holy CRAP. LOL

So, book one is going to get vomited out during NaNo and we'll see if we have a viable option for a series. Kiss Kakes--set in Salem, MA is going to be a joint venture between the two of us, 2 books each. And lucky me, I get book 1.


Here's to getting Dillon's story told.

*crosses buttercream frosted fingers*