FMF: Jensen Ackles

Intense green eyes--check!Bold as brass grin--check! Vulnerable with a side of hardcore--check!

Sounds like a Freak Me Friday candidate to me...

Meet Jensen Ackles of Supernatural fame. Sure he's done a bunch of other things, but Dean Winchester has made an indelible mark on the world and Jensen's IMDB notation. ;) He plays the character well with a side of vulnerability, kick ass monster killing skills, and a loyalty that can't even be broken in death.

Supernatural is an awesome show and now, well into it's seventh season and I never miss it. Here's a nice little taste of my boy in action.

And now for the pix. CLICK the big guy...




Freak Me Friday: Introducing Val

So...I've been looking around for a guy that would fit the bill for book 2 of my Hamptons Legacy series. Percival Maitland has been strapped with a horrifying name that matches all the rich and privileged pieces that make up Southampton and Manhattan, NY.  Add in the responsibilities he takes upon himself as the eldest son in the family business and you have a man that is all work and no play. He takes his role very seriously--too seriously. So much so that he's losing himself inside the corporate giant that is Maitland Enterprises.

David Gandy seems to have all the 'looks' that I'm striving to use in the book. A touch too serious sometimes, achingly beautiful, aloof, elegant in that way that only certain men can attain without looking girlish--this model/actor's got it all. Not to mention the reality of Gandy is that the man has a killer accent to trip the ovaries into a free fall.

Not right, I tell ya.


He's been the spokesperson for Dolce & Gabanna for years...and I totally see why. This man has a dozen tumblr's devoted just to him. I trolled through them for your pleasure. Okay, so it was mine too. ;)

Enjoy the little gallery I put together...just click the picture and when the new page comes up hover your mouse over the pic and a gallery option will open.