Skyfall : Hell to the YES!

This movie is OFF THE BLOODY HOOK!

I do believe Skyfall has hit the Red Box & DVD buy/rental stores everywhere. This is a must see in so many ways. I love the Bond movies. I will always love the Bond movies. But oh sweet holy freaking hell. I was a damn mess through this whole movie. You come alive again just like share his struggle both in spirit and in body. And Daniel Craig? Hooooooooooooooly Hanna what a body. There's this scene that's less than a minute long when he's just coming back into himself and it is a scorcher.

As a romance author I can only hope to write a red-hot scene like that. And it's not with the typical Bond Babe. But oh sign me up for that little cameo role.

This movie is:


All the things we need in a Bond movie and THEN they kick it up a notch.

Did I mention HELL TO THE YES? Because...YES, YES IT IS.


Here's a little uncensored press junket about it. Oh Daniel Craig you freaking fox.