Corey Taylor Obsession pt 1 I've been listening to Corey Taylor's song with Dave Grohl ad nauseum which is the next post. But man. Any man that can show his humor and love for power ballads, you already have my heart.

Poison's Every Rose Has Its Thorn never quite sounded like this. Oh and a Bruce Springsteen ending? Yes...yes, Corey you are officially on my radar.


Story Songs

I'm not sure there's much out there that makes me happier than a story song. As beautiful as a musician may be on the outside, hell even a heart of gold and the most charismatic man that ever walked this planet--ahem, Elvis--can't compare to a man that pours his heart and his soul into lyrics.

Christian Kane is still finding his way on stage IMHO. He's not consistent in every style of playing, but when you put an acoustic guitar in his hands? Oh, hell yes.

Hell to the fucking yes.