CampNaNo: Day 1 and 2's that time of year again. I'm working on a new project that's super smexy. Probably the sexiest I've ever done to be honest. And to get over the terror of writing this many lurve scenes I'm diving head first into the NaNo madness. Nano has gained quite the following. So much so that they decided to do a few of them over the summer for those of us that have a little extra time. Personally, these months work for me much better than November. But I will be doing both Nano's.

Tentative title: The Minute You Hold Me In

Pinterest Storyboard: HERE

It's probably a little long for a title. And as usual, my titles get changed 90% of the time. But it suits me. Behind the scenes it has a bit of a more...tongue in cheek name.

FAA is the acronym.

It's a cross country road trip. Let's see if you can guess the name?




[note align="center" width="350"] Plot board: CHECK

Notebook: CHECK

Sticky notes everywhere: CHECK

Playlist: STARTED (level 1 check)

5hr Energy: CHECK[/note]


Let the madness begin.

NaNo: Day 28

Insert nap. Insert the END!

YAY! Novella finshed.

Original plan 23k...ending plan--um, 32k.

LOL Whoops. Evidently Tessa and Royal had more to say. Edits to follow, but I need a break from them for a few days to let all the crap settle. NaNo numbers at 38,393 for the month so far.

I'm hoping to supplement the remaining 12k that I owe with the short story I'm writing. We'll see how it goes. ;)

NaNo: Day 25

It's been a crazy month, but a really good writerly month in all honesty. I totally rocked the wordcount for a novella and am probably going to finish it up tonight. I don't think I'll be making it to 50k, but I am happy with a finished novella for the month. More than I have been doing that's for sure. And...of course...I totally figured out a spin off book from this one. Man, I just can't write a single story. LOL

Tessa and Royal are a really good set of characters and Mercy and Alaric feel like they're going to be just the same. Now to figure out just what I'm going to do next.

Nano: Day 13

yeah, yeah...I know. It's really the 14th. Sue me. I haven't slept yet. So...Nano has become more like get-this-short-outta-my-head time. So, who am I to complain. I rarely have a short that wants to tell its story to the little muse guy that lives in my brain. It's usually a much more developed story that requires at least 50,000 words to get to the meat of things....if not more.

So, I'm taking the bull by the horns for this novella and writing it down.

NaNo: Day 3

MUCH better today with words. I'm at 3536. It's not perfect, and it's not ahead, but the words were flowing for the first time since I opened this particular story. Usually the beginning of the story is where I excel, but dang...this story has been a little off from the start.

But no more.

I'm getting to know Molly finally and Dillon is showing his uptight side that will be fun to tear down. ;)

Hiatus for the next few days for a mini-trip. Ill timed, but I'm going to take the time to decompress and get going again when I get back. I'm bringing the laptop with me to try and get some words in on the downtime. The people I'm hanging with aren't quite the night owls I am.

November = NaNo blog will be all about my NaNo progress this month. If you've never heard of NaNoWriMo, then you can head over here to take a look. Essentially, a bunch of crazies--myself included--will be ass in chair hands on the keys for 30 days to finish a novel that must be at least 50k words. Sounds daunting doesn't it? I've done it exactly once. LOL But that one book actually got published, so I'm hoping that the magic will return and get me another contract.

I'm excited about my novel. It's going to be the first in a series with my bestie and CP, Cari Quinn. So we'll probably be pissing and moaning in equal fervor. She's working on a few different projects to make up her 50k. I'm going to stay with one.

The Kiss Contract is set in Salem, MA and stars Kiss Kakes, a bakery that sits on the main street of the charming and gorgeous town. I've visited Salem. it's like a town inside a town. There's this almost ageless part that feels like an old novel in between the bustling city structure that is typical New England. I hope to show some of those dichotomies in the story as I go.

Meet Dillon

And Molly

Here's to 5000 words my first day. I gotta get ahead to enjoy my long weekend with my crazy Jovi/Foosball girls. ;)