#AtoZChallenge D: Downtime


is essential to keep a writer moving. I used to think that I had to just keep working. Keep going even when the words were crap. And you do have to do that...to a point. But what writers REALLY need to do is walk away from the story and find other outlets for themselves. In the end it only makes us stronger writers. Even if it's just watching TV like above. Hi. Um, I want to dive into that theater pit with about nineteen pillows and watch a Dr. Who marathon on my Netflix streaming. Sad, but true. I love immersing myself in a genre outside of what I write. In the end, the storytelling is the same. The goals are similar, just the way of telling the story is the difference.

It also helps me get out of my own way. Self doubt is an evil and insidious thing. It sneaks in just as you think you're really doing all right on a story. I just destressed with a few mindless action movies and now I'm going to go back and see if I can put my characters back to rights.

How do you destress? What's your favorite thing to do in your downtime?