#AtoZChallenge Day 3: Coldplay

This song is a little ode to my girl, Cari Quinn. We listened to this song ad nauseum for about 3hrs when we were holed up in a hotel room for a writer's workshop weekend. LOL

Insanely catchy and the epic feel of the song totally matches the crazy video.

Of course now it's synonymous with her and it's her own fault. LOL She dared me to keep playing it, so I did. Somehow we still love the song even with the loop of madness. ;)


Do you have a song that evokes a strong memory with a friend?


Coldplay f. Rihanna : Princess of China

[framed_box bgColor="#150083" textColor="#FFFFFF" align="center"]Once upon a time we were burning bright But now all we do is fight.[/framed_box]