#AtoZChallenge E: Elvis


The love I have for this man is long standing. Actually it's from the womb if you want to get particular about things. My mother loved watching Elvis movies when she was preggo with me. And she loved that era's music. And Elvis was my start into the ongoing obsession I have with musicians. The charisma and the stage presence, the hip action and flirtation, the low points and the addictions. It all made for such a fascinating character.

Add in a healthy dose of sex appeal and I enjoyed him just as much as my mother did. A weird bit of trivia...one of the few memories I had as a child included Elvis right near the end of his life. The Hawaii concert he did right before he started going downhill. It was a simple setting--my house and all my furniture was exactly right. The only problem is...the concert was from 1973. I wasn't even born yet. Back then we didn't have videos on demand or even on VHS. It was televised. All I can imagine is that they replayed it on television just after he died in '77. I would have been 2 years old. Just one of those weird things. Another overlap...my longest relationship started on the anniversary of Elvis' death, August 16th. (Doomed from the start. heh.)

Anyway, the clip I decided to share was his '68 Comeback Special. It was truly the most delicious Elvis in my personal opinion. And he's wearing leather for God's sake! All leather. *SWOON* ;)

So...what musical artist has stuck with you for the longest?

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