#AtoZChallenge F: Frenzy


One of the best and worst things to have happen is a frenzy when you're writing. While you're in it you feel a little out of control, a lot like you might be on a narcotic, and sleep is pretty much a non-entity. At least when I get in one. I'll lose like 8hrs of a day and get wrist cramps from writing via notebook as well as keyboard work. For me it usually happens when a particularly intense idea takes hold.

Now, that looks like it would be awesome if your world revolved around writing like mine does. And believe me, it's pretty awesome when it happens. But the letdown when you get out of the frenzy? Whew. It's like a damn hangover. The kind of hangover that you forgot to drink water for three days so you feel like you slammed into a wall at 90mph.

Sometimes the frenzy gives you a great story. And sometimes it gives you the teaser of a great story then pitters out to a ho-hum story you may or may not go back to. (I hate that 2nd one) As a pantster that's just the way of things. And a lot of the excitement of writing for me.

So, anyone else know of this phenomenon? Had experience with it themselves?


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