#AtoZChallenge G: Gratuitous #Gandygasm

The Gratuitous Gandygasm

This ones for the girls. Okay, and the boys that like boys. ;) But hot damn that fine man right up there? Holy freaking hell. He's been the highlight of Pinterest and Twitter and Tumblr for quite some time. He's the principle model over at Dolce and Gabana. Now, normally I could give two craps about fashion--this girl wears jeans and t-shirts every day that I can get away with it--but him? MERCY. The first time I saw him I was a little stunned. You don't usually get a touch of rugged with your airbrushed models. Add in the fact that he's sweet as hell, has a british accent, is a huge car-nut, and blogs about interesting and well thought out posts on Vogue's blog...well. Hell. He's got it all. And he's the prototype for one of my characters. If you want more, just type in David Gandy or click on that little link on the side...heck...I'll make it easy. After you click the link, click the beachy pic of him and behold, the Gandygasm.


Oh and if that wasn't enough...he's the posterboy for Battersea. DOGS and HOT guy? SWOON.

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