#AtoZchallenge H : Happy Place & I : Inspiration

Whoops. Had to double up again. Things got crazy yesterday and I didn't get on in time to do a blog post. It would have been nice and easy too. It was my birthday! LOL But I also felt bad just gratuitously talking about myself. LOL So...here we go!

Happy Place

The beach...any beach...will always be associated with happiness for me. Some of my fondest memories as a child are associated with our yearly trips down to Wildwood, NJ or New Hampshire. As I got older I was drawn there on my own. Whether with family trips or ones on my own. Even as an author, I'm drawn there and do some of my best writing when the roar of the ocean is part of my soundtrack.

A few years ago a bunch of my girlfriends got the opportunity to use a family home that was on Long Beach Island, NJ. I don't think I've ever had more fun with a bunch of girls in my life. We laughed, talked, stayed up, watched videos, wrote, drank a lot of damn wine, and just soaked up the atmosphere. It wasn't even beach season, but we had the very best time and ALL of us wrote like CRAZY! It was a slice of awesome that has never quite been recreated. We keep trying, but it's a rare thing to get all the stars to line up, schedules to cooperate, and spouses to take over the children. But damn, we will always have those memories.


So...if you hadn't figured out, I'm a romance author. LOL Pretty obvious, but if not...there you go. As a female, sexy has a lot to do with the brain more than just the slapping flesh of p0rn. Now, it has it's place, I'm not going to lie. But in the end it's a picture like this that will get my imagination flowing more than anything I can find in a video.

Inspiration can come from all different places and Pinterest has been a HUGE source of visual help. From clothes, to hair, to settings, to the characters I build in my stories. A little bit will go a long way in that regard. Even if the final version doesn't have anything to do with my original inspirational picture, it put me on the path. And I gotta say, it's usually a damn entertaining path.

Just don't ask me about edits. ;)