#AtoZchallenge J : Jewelry


I've always been fascinated with it, but don't tend to wear it all that often. In fact, I loved designing it more than wearing it for a long time. Taking a class in college got me involved with the metal craftsmanship and gave me even more of an appreciation for all the work that goes into each piece.

I love the sparkles, the leather-work (the pic I posted today reminds me of a scene in my current novel. I saw this and had to use it for my little book store owner), metals, and even tiny craft type rings like this one. They're all fascinating to me. It's pretty much wearable art.

Even though I've moved more into the world of word-art, I'll forever be moved and enamored with what people create. And with the lovely internet world we live in there's even more ways to get your work out there. I gotta say, ETSY is an evil place created to take my money. All these artists have a new home to sell their wares and a host of clients to sell to.

Sometimes it's a great time to be alive.

Do you have a little gypsy in your soul? Let me know.


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