#AtoZChallenge K : Kiss Kakes

Kiss Kakes

My crit partner and I have this idea for a 4bk series about a cake shop set in Salem, MA. We have a deep and abiding love for the area and keep returning there again and again to soak up the atmosphere and the beautiful community. It's more than just witches and lore. The place is crawling with amazing little shops and quirky side streets and pulls together the new and the old in a way that begs for a story. And not a paranormal story either.

Three friends pulling together to make a business work with all the pitfalls of retail, the seasonal business that does NOT include Christmas for once, and the mayhem of falling in love. Even better, I get to work with moi girl, Cari Quinn, and build a world with her. Of course our lives are complete madness and we'll have to wait a little while to get our schedules to line up, but we'll get there.

Not to mention the first hand experience of friendship, collaboration, and compromise. Should make for some interesting writing me thinks.

Anyone have any experience with collaborations?


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