#AtoZChallenge V: The V

The V

It's a shameless post. Seriously, I know this...but my LORD. There's nothing so delicious on the male body as that little notch below the abs that arrows down into a pair of low slung pair of jeans.

Heck, for me...it's even hotter than naked. Because personally, the male bits, not so beautiful. Now, don't get me wrong, they TOTALLY serve a purpose in sooooo many ways. And just ask my friends, I'm as boy crazy as they come. In fact, my friend's daughter actually told me I was more boy crazy than all of her friends put together. They're 16-17 year olds. Seriously.

Sad state of affairs, but beyond true.

That little notch makes my damn teeth itch. And obviously I'm not the only one since men actually go into the gym to MAKE that happen nowadays. And believe me.

I'm eternally grateful.

 Anything you like on the male or female of the species that makes your temperature rise?


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