#AtoZChallenge W: Writer


A lot of us on the AtoZ Challenge are writers in one form or another. We have to be to do this blogging thing. IMHO, it's even more demoralizing than being an author. How many of us blog without a single response? Again and again, we put up our thoughts to the general public and hope someone out there gives a crap about what we're writing about.

This has been the fun part of this blog challenge. Random people just might find you. Any time you open your mouth...writerly or verbally...there's a chance someone will respond to you. But it's this challenge that puts us out to a whole new slew of people that may have never found us. It's been a really fun experience for me. And I've found quite a few blogs I'll continue to follow after this is over.

I did miss almost an entire week because of edit hell. Hence my pic up there. LOL It was a learning experience of the highest order for me. I've been edited before, but nothing like what my new publisher does. It's making me think about all sorts of different things when it comes to my work.

Structure, grammar woes, thought process, distancing myself from falling in love with my writing...all of these things have made me reevaluate a lot of things. It actually froze me up for a week during the process as well as another week following. Thank GOD I have this blog. It's probably a big part of why I'm slowly getting myself back on my feet.

My writerly friends, my bestie, and all the other people in my life have been awesome, but in the end it's me that has to pick myself up and get back to the keyboard. I have to trust in my own work, my own writing, and my own art again. Obviously it was good enough to get published in the first place.

Anyone else know how this feels?


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