Avoidance = Twitter

Yep. I'm in the end stages of first pass edits with my book ASHES AND WINE. And seriously...It's heavy stuff. So heavy that I keep avoiding it and it's taking WAY too long to finish. So instead I went on Twitter and lost...oh, roughly 3hrs to mancandy, book recs, new release squeeing, and tv lusting. Now part of it is good social play. As an author they tell you to go play with people and don't mention your book. Just let people enjoy you and the reading will probably follow. So part of a twitter frenzy is good for my social media side of things. But it's no less of an avoidance technique. One that I used WAY too much in the last 2 weeks. Another one was an ungodly string of Scarecrow and Mrs. King episodes. (Shh. Don't judge. Bruce was WAY hot in the 80's) Amazon Prime has a level of evil that I have to get under control. Oh and Pinterest. That's just in league with the devil. Period. But since I'm a visual writer it's also another tool that I love.

But in the end the avoidance is just fear. This is my 2nd book with a bigger house. And there's a lot of good press going on with Entangled. I don't want to fuck it up. That's the bottom line. I want this book to be filled with awesome and it's making me a little crazy. And as my editor told me, it's already great...it sold, right? But the pressure to make this story awesome is all on me.

Because the other part of the avoidance factor is the subject matter of this novella. Death and family and coping. It brings back a lot of personal crap that's still very fresh. It helps with the writing because I know first hand what it's like to watch a parent die, but it also feels very invasive.

Hopefully that equates to good writing.

*crosses fingers*

*steps away from Twitter*

Time to finish, dammit.