CampNaNo: Day 1 and 2's that time of year again. I'm working on a new project that's super smexy. Probably the sexiest I've ever done to be honest. And to get over the terror of writing this many lurve scenes I'm diving head first into the NaNo madness. Nano has gained quite the following. So much so that they decided to do a few of them over the summer for those of us that have a little extra time. Personally, these months work for me much better than November. But I will be doing both Nano's.

Tentative title: The Minute You Hold Me In

Pinterest Storyboard: HERE

It's probably a little long for a title. And as usual, my titles get changed 90% of the time. But it suits me. Behind the scenes it has a bit of a more...tongue in cheek name.

FAA is the acronym.

It's a cross country road trip. Let's see if you can guess the name?




[note align="center" width="350"] Plot board: CHECK

Notebook: CHECK

Sticky notes everywhere: CHECK

Playlist: STARTED (level 1 check)

5hr Energy: CHECK[/note]


Let the madness begin.