Catching up

Mercy. Nanovember was a bit nuts. I didn't get all the way to 50k, but I did manage to finish up a novella--at least the first draft. I sub'd the first 5 pages and blurb to Entangled to see if they're interested in seeing a full. If not, I'll probably shop it around. I think it's a strong piece about love and loss and hope for the future. This one is pretty near and dear to me thanks to the subject matter. I need to step away from it for a few days and see if I'm TOO close.

Sometimes you can't see the old forest for the trees when you are close to a story. The urge to edit it right away is sitting there on my shoulder...but I'm trying to be smart about it.

Next novel on the original story idea for NaNo. LOL The Kiss Contract, which will be book 1 of the Kiss Kakes series that my CP and I are developing.

Right now? A little Christmas fun with some online people that started me on this lovely and long road to publication.