CRAFT BITES: Crit Partners

Crit partners are invaluable. I've been lucky enough to find a few new ones to help out. My main girl...poor Cari Quinn...has been inundated with edits and contracts. Yeah-that's the end game, but man...she's had a lot on her plate the last few months. And of course she's still in on the freak-show that is me and a Manuscript, but I have let a few more people into my circle.

It's always been my fear to let someone rip into my work. Thankfully, I've been mostly lucky. And thanks to a request for a full on a novella I sub'd to Entangled...(*insert roaring crowd*) YAYYYYY...ahem...the quick hits read really worked out in my favor.

And that's because of a few wonderful romance-landia natives. They picked out the problem children that I couldn't see and made me think about a few other things in my MS. I want it to be the very best it can be before the editor takes a look at it.

How does anyone else feel about critique partners?