Editing, Writing & Friends

Most of my weekend was spent with this guy in mind. Royal Andreas from my first Entangled Publishing novella under their Ever After line. I'm in the first pass phase of edits for ASHES AND WINE. This is probably the last time I'll have complete control over the ins and outs of this story. My editor is pretty fabulous and I'm looking forward to working with him on the nuances that will come up when we get deeper into the editing process. But for now I have a list of wants and needs that he feels I should be adding to my manuscript. I think they will add a lot to the story, but man...it's hard to slash. And I will, and have been, slashing whole passages from my 1st version of the story. Already, I know he was right in some of the choices. I had to tone down some of my sexier passages and beef up Tessa's story so it wasn't Royal with a side of Tessa.

I spent most of the weekend with some writer pals and we laughed, bitched, moaned, ate a lot of bad-for-you food and spent a little too much time on twitter as we worked. I wouldn't want it any other way...well, except for 12 more hours in the day sometimes.

If you're reading and would like to share...I'd love to hear your side of the story on 1st round edits.