Edits...Edits...and DOUBLE Edits.

O_o  <--- ME

So...I was just diving into my edits for Entangled with a lovely 3 week leeway and what lands in my box? Yep, edits round 2 for Ellora's. Yeah, slightly agog still. Not that the 2nd pass edits are tough on Uncross Your Heart, but still...sigh.

But, the good thing is I'm diving right into the deep end of the pool and getting used to working hard. I want this author thing to pan out. I want it so bad that I can taste it on the back of my tongue. And it's only causing a deeper hunger. It's just that sometimes my brain feels too full of ideas that I can't seem to settled on just one.

Those are the days that I end up web designing. LOL It always helps to even me out. So, now I have a decent main page with my pretty cover and link to Ellora's on it. And I'm closer to that release date.