Edits & Excerpt

*sigh* I've been editing and rewriting a book from a year ago....pretty much all day today. It was for a pitch contest and unfortunately I wasn't chosen, but part of me is happy about that. Only part of me. The other half is sad, of course. Everyone wants to be chosen for contests, but the story needs some work and I plan on giving it the time it needs to make it great.

So...here's to the natural selection of editors. May they be excited about the revamped version of Distorted Views.

And a little excerpt because I'm rather proud of my days work.


He reached out, going slow when she froze. His finger traced the line of a tendril of hair and brushed his thumb over the little upturned point of her chin. “I’m a patient guy, Logan. Especially with something that feels worth it.”


She stepped forward, nerves and fear practically shoved her back, but she forced herself to rise up on her toes and kiss his cheek. His evening stubble felt as good as it did the other night.


She moved over a little to the corner of his mouth, watching his brown eyes deepen until the little gold flecks were nearly gone. He had the longest lashes, she thought distantly.


Would it be okay to try? To see if the dip at the center of his top lip was as soft as it looked?


He didn’t touch her, just sifted his fingers through the lock of hair that had come out of her clip. “Just a kiss is enough for me, Logan. I wouldn’t push for anything more.”


She just wanted to get it over with. She wanted to feel whole and normal again. Playing with the tail of his tie absently she tugged him down to her. The surprised grunt almost made her step back, but his lips softened and he smiled into the kiss. She tamped down the need to run and focused on his taste. She sighed into him, happy to learn that he was, in fact, all about the mouth.


The kiss was slow and soft. He reached up to her clip and let her hair fall down around her shoulders. He buried his hand into the heaviest part of it and tipped her up to him. She felt him holding back and part of her wanted him to let loose.


The other part of her was thankful. It was nice to be close to someone again.


Very nice.