Oh my freaking SQUEE!

Okay, that's out of my system. LOL I've been waiting for a long damn time for this particular book to come out. And honestly, being the impatient sort, this has been a bit of a trial for me. I sold the book last summer and it's just FINALLY coming out now. You work so damn hard to get your book together and then pop Tums like Pez after you've pushed your chick out of the nest.

And man, you think that takes time?


That's nothing compared to the time it takes to get from contract to cover and release date.  I was one of the lucky ones. I got the call back really quickly on my book. Ellora's Cave got back to me in less than ten days with a YES! And believe me, there was a lot of booty dancing...but then the waiting sets in.

You wonder if the book will ever come out. You stare at your inbox hoping to hear from someone about the next step. You get twisted up about edits and what your cover is going to look like, then comes the NEXT round of edits and the more staring at your email.

Personally, I know my editor has about 40+ (probably more now) authors in her stable and she's got to work with each and every one of us to create the best possible story to send out to those virtual shelves. But man, it's REALLY hard to remember that when you're holding your butt for that release date.

Believe me when I say...don't pester your editor. As hard as it is to keep your fingers off the trigger finger, they know what they're doing and they have a schedule that most of the time we're not going to be privy to. But man, when you do get that notification of release day....

Booty Dance reigns supreme once again!


Anyone out there as impatient as I am? Doesn't have to be the writerly kind of waiting either.