REVIEW: A Kiss at Midnight, Eloisa James

A Kiss at MidnightA Kiss at Midnight by Eloisa James My rating: 5 of 5 stars


This was my first Eloisa James and I'll tell you right won't be my last. What a lovely story. The characters are so rich and the dialogue had me rolling. Loved the snarky sense of humor between the Prince Gabriel and Kate. There were so many good things I can't even begin to go through them all. I just sucked down the book like someone was going to take it away from me this morning.

The cast of characters was well rounded and no one had a fade to the background kind of voice. The Prince learned through the book about being a good leader and putting his family---crazy as they were--ahead of his happiness. So much so that he almost lost Kate in the process. The ending really suited the story and I liked that he found his own way around his problem instead of finding himself in a loveless marriage with a rich princess just because he thought that was his only option.

I'm anxious to read more from her Fairytale line.

Amazing job, Mz. James!

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