REVIEW: Bloodlust, Faye Robertson

BloodlustBloodlust by Faye Robertson My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I'm not quite sure how Mz. Robertson managed to make nuns HOT...but she did. I loved this little book. I just sucked it down in an hour. (Heh. Yeah, I said sucked on a vamp book and I'm not taking it out.)

Amabel is sweet and confused about dealing with the darker side of herself, and even though she left the convent and the order, she's stayed very pure in heart and mind. So convinced that she would fall to baser instincts if she let herself go even a little bit, she's actually cloistered herself more than if she'd stayed a nun.

Jasper changed the moment he sank his fangs into her nearly 160-odd years ago. And every day he's atoned for the things he's done. I love that Mz. Robertson didn't make him perfect. His flaws and her acceptance of him was what saves this from being another run of the mill vampire book. Redemption isn't the sole point of this story and that's a refreshing change.

Irreverent humor throughout, absolutely mind and bone melting sex, and a sweet and sexy twist to end this story. This was everything I was looking for in a lazy morning read.

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