REVIEW: Coercion, Cara McKenna

CoercionCoercion by Cara McKenna My rating: 5 of 5 stars

My Goodness...What a beautiful book. I'm a huge fan of the first book, Curio, which was all Caroly's pov and now we delve into Didier's psyche. To see just why he is the way he is.

I'm fascinated by the male POV in this book. The lyrical way Mz McKenna explains the terror of agoraphobia, the happiness of falling in love, the absolute trust Didier has with Caroly. All of it should not be. He's a male prostitute. Yes, you read that right--he makes his living by creating fantasies for women. And within that world he is a god, but the moment he steps out of of that skin his doubts and his needs and his fears are so real and so heartwrenching.

Even with all the exposition and limited dialogue it reads exactly as it should. This is about a sensitive man that is on a journey. He knows he loves Caroly, but he knows he's not ready for a one on one relationship with her yet. He knows it would be selfish to ask more from her when he's not ready to give up his lifestyle, nor is he ready to be more than a beautiful caged bird of his own making. But he's closer.

And the beauty of Caroly is that she only wants what he can give. And that doesn't make her a weak character. Not at all. It's a journey for both of them.

And within all of the emotional tides in this story is a love scene that will truly rock your world. Caroly is curious about some of his clients and wants to expand her sexual horizons and MY GOD does she.

READER WARNING: Role playing of forced seduction involved. But if you've read Willing Victim from Mz's not to that level, but no less hot. WHEW!!

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