REVIEW: Everything You've Got, Erin Nicholas

Everything You've Got (Anything and Everything, #2)Everything You've Got by Erin Nicholas My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Oh Luke and Kat...I've been waiting for you. I horked down the companion book to this one, and here's my review if you care: Anything You Want. GOD, I just loved the characters. I felt really bad for Luke. Not bad enough to have Marc screw up the AWESOME thing he had with Sabrina...but bad. Because obviously he's a great guy. And I hate how the world perpetuates that nice guys finish last.

Okay, so I love a bad boy. I DOOOOOOOOOO. But man, someone like Luke? He deserves his happily ever after and Kat was perfect for him. I'm so glad he had to fight for it though. Luke's been the golden boy of their small town for far too long. So long, that he's forgotten how to really have to work for something. And believe me, Kat requires some work!!

She's a great character. I have to admit I wanted to swipe her upside the head a few times because she wouldn't confide in Luke, but when she did. Whoa boy. Talk about a wild ride of awesome, and conflict and the best kind of love. In the end, I got my HEA and the character growth made me sit there and cheer. (And possibly a booty dance. Just sayin'.)

Thanks so much, Mz. Nicholas, for letting these guys have such a perfectly perfect happy ending.

I can't wait to see what else you have up your sleeve.

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