REVIEW: Heart Signs, Cari Quinn

Heart Signs

Heart Signs


Cari Quinn

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Okay, you'll see from the quote-a-palooza on GR that I loved this story.  (See them here.) Sam Miller is one of those characters that climbs into your brain and burrows in for a good long stay. He's emotional, rough around the edges, sad, guilt ridden, hopeless, hopeful, and a host of other adjectives. You know why I can keep listing off things to tell you about Sam?

Because Cari showed me again and again just what Sam was thinking, feeling, and doing all through this novel. And man...I felt for him every inch of the way.

Then you have Rory Fowler. She's never trusted her own instincts when it comes to relationships. Instead, she hid behind friends with benefits relationships that she knew would never move beyond that level. She liked the uncomplicated. She may have even needed the uncomplicated. Watching her come to terms with the emotions that Sam brings out in her is messy, funny, and sometimes sad. And through it all you couldn't help but root for these guys.

The sigh factor is about as huge as you can get.

Read this.


Even if you're worried about the 'sad' factor because of Sam's circumstances. It's worth the journey.

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