REVIEW: Hold Me, Betsy Horvath

Hold MeHold Me by Betsy Horvath My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Okay...I need to own The Museum...which was Luc's family home throughout the story. OMG Just gorgeous. It was a freaking castle! For real!

Too amazing. I think that alone gave this book the 5th star. I was wavering. I hate to over use my 5 star ratings. But this is definitely a bump for setting. If they'd just used a regular safe house it might not have had the same punch. A very solid suspense story with a ton of character charged moments. I truly enjoyed this book.

Katie and Luc have killer chemistry and each of them come with their own baggage. How they mesh together from a carjacking to living together for her protection, to a history that neither of them could have really just all worked for me. I pounded 461 pages in a very short period of time because the book just drew me right in.

And hell, I cried through the end of it. I'm a sucker for the guy that doesn't think he's good enough. He had a rough life with foster homes and all the horrible things he's done working for the government only compounds that I'm-No-Good-For-You thing that some heroes have. And in this instance it didn't annoy me as much as it does in other books. A true testament to Mz. Horvath's writing skills.

And the girl's got skillz.

I don't want to ruin the reading of this one for anyone but there's intrigue, the bodyguard trope, a huge mutt of a dog named Spot, a freaking castle! (I know I mentioned it but...gah! Castle!!) a freakish killer, an even freakier relationship with the killer's half sister (insert heebie jeebies), and a supporting cast that doesn't instantly flag series...but probably will get their own books.

A really great romantic suspense, IMHO.

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