REVIEW: Hot Text, Cari Quinn

Hot TextHot Text by Cari Quinn My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Hot for teacher takes on a whole new meaning in this book.

Take one editor, add a dash of paint, a bottle of cheap wine, a gorgeous studio and mix liberally with a preschool teacher trying to get a handle on sexting and you get Hot Text.

Divorce is hard on anyone, but when you're living in a limbo of your own making and come face to face with all the wrongs of your past how can you mix falling in love into that equation? Jeff and Karyn ask themselves that same question and both come up with answers they'd rather not deal with. Not when they've finally found that one person that makes each of them feel alive.

Mz. Quinn always treats a short story with a touch of reality to even out all the off the charts sex she unerringly provides. Reality sucks and making those hard decisions isn't easy for Karyn when she's finding her way around a new start when she hasn't even dealt with the end of her marriage.

Bravo, Mz. Quinn, for never letting your characters find the easy way out. It makes for a much more satisfying read.


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