REVIEW: Need Me, Cari Quinn

Need Me (Unveiled, #3)Need Me by Cari Quinn My rating: 5 of 5 stars

How does a book become steamy AND sweet?'s a Cari Quinn book. Marcia and Tony have been the supporting cast for this series and they've been on and off together since the beginning. I love that the central story for these two isn't getting together, it's the owning up to being in love with each other that was the hard part.

The May/December romance is only part of this story. It doesn't matter how old either of them are. In fact, it's done so well that when it's mentioned I went...oh. That's right. I forgot.


The best part of this book--beyond the steamy holy crap scenes at Kink--is that I forgot they had a gap in ages. They were just perfect for each other. And that's the part that matters.

Cari's my crit partner and I get the joy of reading all her stuff in every stage. My two favorite stages? First read and then RE-READING it when they come out in book form. She always drags me back along with the characters all over again. SO, so good.

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