REVIEW: No Dress Required, Cari Quinn

No Dress RequiredNo Dress Required by Cari Quinn My rating: 5 of 5 stars


The friends to lovers trope is always good for me. And this one adds in friend's brother! BONUS. This was a quick romp through past mistakes, present mishaps, and the oh so beautiful possibilities of the future. Nellie and Jake have been circling each other for ages, both too afraid to face the idea of getting together.

Jake's a little shaky thanks to a surprise break up with his longtime girlfriend a few months before and Nellie is fed up with waiting for her shot with the man she's loved longer than she can remember. Add in a car-jacking, fuzzy bunnies, and a snow storm and you get a ton of fun before the ball drops.

With a little convincing and a whole lot of creativity they find their way to a happily ever after that leaves you smiling and wishing your New Year's Eve ended the same way.

Did I mention I loved it?

If not...LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!

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