REVIEW: Pushing Her Buttons, Sabrina York

Pushing Her ButtonsPushing Her Buttons by Sabrina York My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Holy Hanna! In my opinion, this is the perfect kind of D/s book for ME. Not for everyone, but someone like me that only likes the elements, but prefers a more romantic twist on the D/s roles.

This was beyond hot. The elevator scenes ratcheted up the tension till I was almost as much of a wreck as the woman was.

There was obvious pain in her past. A Dom that sliced and hacked into her psyche instead of making her feel safe and connected. I really liked that she had to overcome so many fears to make this union work.

And the scenes were off the charts.

And hell, it was FIRST person as well. Which is definitely not my fave kind of book, but it damn well worked.

I'm still fanning my face.

Bravo Mz York.

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