REVIEW: Table for One, Ros Clarke

Table for OneTable for One by Ros Clarke What a delightful read. I'm not a foodie, but by the end of this story I was starving for everything that Ward put on the table. Sexy, sensual flavors and textures heightened the experience and they began a journey of self-awareness.

Of course we can't have the road go too smooth. All those overwhelming passions make for high emotions and Mz Clarke uses them beautifully. I love the backstory and the reasons why Ward is so wary about journalists. It suits the story and isn't too over the top. It also gives really good background as to why he doesn't trust easily.

Claudia has her own problems with falling in love, but she realizes that Ward is different. And holding back isn't something she wants to do. The little twist was great and made me love the story even more. Taking the plunge in a relationship isn't easy, but I think these two make a great study in how compromise and trust is the true basis for a relationship. And while they found each other through passion, they stayed together because of so much more.

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