REVIEW: The Return of Rafe MacKade, Nora Roberts

The Return of Rafe MacKade (The MacKade Brothers, #1)The Return of Rafe MacKade


Nora Roberts

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I just looked at the original copyright date on this one. 1995. Yeesh. I was twenty years old the first time I read this. Nora has always had the ability to write families that you can't help but care about and the MacKades are no different.

"He's hooked." Jared grinned and lifted his beer. "And his heart looks so pretty, right there on his sleeve."

It's banter like this that makes me laugh right out loud and what always keeps me coming back for more.

This was a fun re-read. A few places felt rushed, but DAMN, I do love Rafe. Rough around the edges, a little wild, and a he fell in love so hard he was snarling the whole way down. Just like I like my men.

Reagan was a perfect foil for him. Buttoned up and crisp on the outside, and a volcano under all that perfection.

Combustible chemistry and a quick read.

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