Smexy Sundays: Jason Cameron

Smexy Sundays can be anything from a book, to an actor, to a TV show. Anything that strikes my fancy on Sundays. And believe tastes are eclectic.

This week's Smexy is Jason Cameron

I've been on a bit of a tear with the DIY and HGTv channel. I've always had a little thing for the boys that get dirty. Me, however, not so much. LOL I'm not all about the gardening. But boy do I enjoy watching yummy men get dirty and all sweaty.

One of my favorite DIY guys is this man. He's freaking delicious. All sorts of manly muscles, a good sense of humor, and gets the job done right. I admit it, I'd do bad, bad things to him in the name of home renovations. Mama! He be pretty.