SOtD: Backroads, Corey Taylor

I might be a little obsessed with Corey Taylor. Just a lil' bit.

I can't say I like everything---Slipknot is a bit hard even for me. But his Stone Sour and his SOLO stuff especially? SWOOOOON worthy!!

I love this song. So much so that the stupid song spawned a whole new series in my poor writer brain.

The lyrics echo a man that's a little battered and bruised from a life on the road. This is a perfect look into the Rockstar life and why they move me so very much in my writing.


*AUTHOR's CORRECTION - Evidently there's another Corey Taylor out there...and he's totally different. WHOOPS! I watched some of Corey's stuff on YT from when he went out an did some acoustic shows and totally thought this was more of the same! MY BAD!!

Heck...I got a retweet from Joey Jordison from Slipknot! So I sure as shit thought it was one of Corey's songs! Sooooo sorry, OTHER Corey!!