Surrender to Temptation Part 1 and 2

Surrender to Temptation Part I: Tempted to SubmitSurrender to Temptation Part I: Tempted to Submit by Lauren Jameson
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It's hard to review a serial series, so I guess I'll just review the pieces as separate entities.





Just a few words that come to mind as I read the first part and before I could even check email or add this to my GR shelf I went in and bought part 2.

I know there are books out there that have the same tone as this one, but there's something about Mz. Jameson's voice that tugged at me far more than the famous names that have come before her. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed them, but this had something else that drew me in and wouldn't let me go.

This has everything you could want from a book. Even if I did swear just as much as Devon when I hit the end. ;)

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My rating: 5 of 5 stars

part two of the Billionaire Zach story starts here. He's enticing, confusing, thrilling and the emotions bubbling under the surface are as destructive as magma.
At least they feel like that when you're in the middle of the moment with Devon.

Devon has moments of devilment in the middle of her insecurities that draws Zach. She's not a simple submissive, she's not afraid of him like most women are. Not in the dangerous fear aspect, but more because he's a powerful man that is used to people following his orders. On top of the dominant flavor of his sexual proclivities he's a force to be reckoned with.

Devon shatters him and it pisses him off as much as it compels him to want more from her.

Devon's confusion and near obsession with pushing Zach and herself for more is the driving force of this piece of the series.

And the sex scenes are breath taking.

I'm not really into the D/s stories. But there are some cases that take me out of my comfort zone and make me want to walk through the door into that world and experience it through the characters. Devon is at a crossroads. She's tired of treading water in her life and wants more, but doesn't quite know how to get what she wants.

Zach and his demons are just as dark and compelling as you could ever want, but it doesn't feel like he's as broken as other characters out there. And that's a good thing. I feel like Zach can have a happily ever after not just because of the love of a good woman, but because he's on the cusp of something more with Devon.

I hope to hell the rest of the series lives up to the emotions this bad boy is pulling from me.

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