Tweety Tuesday: Elizabeth S. Craig and Angela James

My twitter feed can feel a little bit out of control sometimes. I have a lot of awesome people that I follow, but to someone that can be closely related to 'Dug' from Disney's Up...well, I can get distracted easily from my work by the constantly rotating feed from Twitter. So, to combat that I'll be dragging you into my Tweety World. LOL

One of my favorite people to follow is Elizabeth S. Craig... aka!/elizabethscraig

She's an author as well, but the best part of her tweets are all her delicious writing links. Not all of them will apply to you, but she's got a lot of great ideas and interesting posts in her armory.

Another great person to follow if you're looking into epublishing, especially on the romance end, is Angela James.!/angelajames

She posts mostly Carina Press information, but she also has this AWESOME feature she's been doing monthly called #editreport. She gives feedback about some of the manuscripts that have come in and why they are accepted or rejected. It's a fascinating look into the editorial world for romance authors.  Oh, and she loves shoes and cooking/baking. LOL She's a well rounded person to follow with lots of great info.

In my opinion it's just as fun to follow someone who mixes business with pleasure in their tweet stream.

Who do you love to follow on the writing end?