Tweety Tuesday - Mattisms

So, the more you come on my blog (I hope) the more you'll see that there's a definite obsession that happens when I fall in love with a musician. I swear, I must have been a groupie in a former life because they are ENDLESSLY fascinating to me. One such guy is Matt Nathanson.

Now, his music is just...GAH. Seriously, I can't get enough of him. His lyrics just send me into orbit, then I started hunting out bootlegs and the love grew deeper. I finally got to see him live and I'm totally smitten. He's witty, talented, plays a damn 12string like it's part of him...well at least his hip to jam ratio says it's part of him. MERCY! He's sexy as all get out because of one thing--he's freaking hilarious.

Funny will always be sexy to me.

Follow his tweets and you will be chuckling almost daily.

mattnathanson matt nathanson

what kinda douche drinks from a water bottle w/his own name on it?

this whole dark-at-7am thing can suck it.
if i tweet that i'm going to the gym, but do not actually go to the gym, that's the same thing, right? #itisallaboutperception
"a perfect breakfast tea with burgundy depth and malt highlights. bold and robust with a bright golden cup" #preciousteadescriptions

seriously though, what is burgundy depth? #sexmove?

what has two thumbs and tour pranked the SHIT out of @train last night??

"sleep or excercise?" is a question i deal with way too much in my life.

ah, denver airport... where football field distance meets cubicle-size gate square footage. #niceone

elbows mcghee next to me is gonna get punched.

i had a for real GIANT jammed next to me on that tiny plane. holy shit. i'd have tweeted sooner but it was like being buried alive in sand.

is it possible to die from horny? #askingforafriend

Seriously...that's just a taste.
The boy totally amuses me on twitter.
Do you have anyone on twitter that you just follow for the joy of it?