Wet and Wild Blog Hop: SUSPENDED + $10 GC giveaway

Welcome to my stop on the Wet and Wild Blog Hop!

I just wanted to thank Skye Warren for hosting this awesome blog hop. She goes above and beyond to help authors and readers get their hands on some truly amazing stories and prizes. Make sure you stop in at her blog!

 SuspendedThis spring I released my first ultra sexy novel with Loose Id. It's a fun, sometimes angsty, road trip story about Kendall Proctor and Shane Justice.

One surprising will reading has the power to change their lives and set a course for a whole new destiny.


“Not one thing has made sense to me today.”

Her gaze dropped to his mouth as she reached behind her for the bookcase that lined the wall. Her attention darted back up to his eyes. Her chest heaved, and her nipples tightened under her blouse.

The slap of her apple scent threw him off. He grasped her upper arms. The silk of her blouse crumpled under his hands; her skin was warm and disturbingly fragile. He had no business touching her, but her huge doe eyes pulled at him.


He hauled her up onto her toes and slanted his lips across hers. Taking, not asking. She sucked in a breath, her jaw slackened in shock. And bastard that he was, he took advantage. He wanted to feel something beyond the chaos. Even the slap of her hand again if that was what he got.

He swiped his tongue into the warmth of her mouth and slid along hers. She sagged against him. He transferred his grip onto her hips. Instead of pushing him away, she wound her arms around him. The fierce scrape of her nails through the short hairs along his nape snapped whatever leash he had left.

She held on, crushing her chest into his. He backed up, lifting her into his arms. Blind with the anger that transferred into lust, he acted on instinct. From the moment she’d walked up to the house, he’d wanted to know just how she tasted. The bitter edge of coffee and the sweet tang of the melon she’d eaten drew him in, and he wanted more. He sucked her tongue into his mouth and was rewarded with a moan of surprise.

She opened wider, and they fought for a deeper taste. The scrape of her teeth along his lower lip ended in a nip that left his lip and his cock throbbing.

He hoisted her onto the table and jerked her skirt up. She lifted her legs around his hips and pulled at his shirt. “This is just sex.”

He nodded. He could live with that.


Along with the awesome prizes on this hop I'm going to give away 2 eBook copies of SUSPENDED as well as a $10 GC of my own--dealer's choice. AMZ or BN--whichever you prefer.

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